Stop-motion & Puppets


Feature film by Jim Capobianco and Pierre-Luc Granjon, Foliascope
Puppets armature, prototyping and consultancy.

La bague au doigt

Short film directed by Gerlando Infuso, Kwassa production, 2018.
Armatures : Benoit Polvêche
Molding, casting & hair pinching  :  Christine Polis

Isle of Dogs

Feature film by Wes Anderson, IOD Production. 2018
Puppets armatures & heads mechanics @ Arch Model Studio Ltd, London
Head of puppets : Andy Gent.. Head of armatures : Josie Corben

Isle of Dogs

14’15, by Rosto.a.d Production : Studio Rosto – Autour de Minuit – A Private View, 2018
Silicone head for underwater live animation : Christine Polis & Squid Lab,
hairs : Lisa Carracedo Bardet,
rigging : Benoit Polveche


shorts serie, dir. Xavier Nellens, Clear sky picture.
puppet conception & sculpting, painting, casting, fur  : Christine Polis
armature : Benoit Polveche
lion costume : Daphné Beaulieu

Ma vie de Courgette

Feature film by Claude Barras, Blue Spirit Production, Rita Production, GBK Films, 2015
Puppets armatures by Benoit Polveche & Christine Polis.
Head of puppets : Gregory Beaussart.
Head of puppets hospital : Christine Polis
Rigging : Benoit Polveche

Tirlemont commercial

Suggar rods puppets with Luc Noel @ Factice, 2014.

Les Pécheresses

Short film directed by Gerlando Infuso, Eklektik production, 2013. Armatures : Benoit Polvêche & Christine Polis,  
Casting  : Jean-Raymond Brassine, 
Costumes : Squid Lab & Christine Polis

Terra Sola

Short Film  by Eve Martin and Nicolas Bueno, La Parti Production, 2011. Latex foam, resine, aluminium wire puppets by Benoit Polvêche & Christine Polis

La Minute du Chat

TV serie by Philippe Gueluck, Studio “L’Enclume”, 2010.
Clay puppet : casting & armature : Benoit Polvêche & Christine Polis
Costume : Squid Lab


Puppet by Christine Polis, 2008


Short film directed by Anne Leclercq, “Frakas Production“, 2007
Puppet & animation by Christine Polis.

Sunday drive

Short film by José-Migel Ribero, Soil Production, Folimage, Zeplin Film, 2007
Puppets hospital & puppet retake by Christine Polis